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Jiff (slang)

Type: noun, adverb, slang

Pronunciation: /jiff/

Related: Jiffy, In a jiff

What does Jiff mean?

1. A short time.

2. Quickly.

Jiff Synonyms: Sec

Example sentence: “Be there in a jiff bae.”

Jiff in songs:

“I be so smooth Same as the Jiff, no time for a glitch, baby Big cup, two sips” – bbno$, ​namaste.

“I don’t talk a lot because niggas they be talking out they jiff Style’s world, Timbs drive, Tiko still lives” – Lil Tjay, No Pun Intended.

“That can mend you, my fee is a shower For you, I scrub the back and I floss the butt crack Make you shiny, spiffy in a jiff” – Q-Tip, The Chase, Part II.

“Man, my timing is the shit And you got it in a second, while I got it in a jiff Killin’ on ya’ll like I got it on my hip Didn’t bring a fuck, I forgot it in the whip” – Speaker Knockerz, U Mad Bro.

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