4L (acronym) Type: adverb & noun Pronunciation: /fo-l/ What does 4L mean and stand for? 1. For life. (adverb) 4L Synonyms: Forever 2. 21 Savage & Young Nudy’s gang. (noun) Coined by: 21 Savage & Young Nudy Example sentence: “When the multi million dollar deal went through, he was set 4L.” 4L in songs: “Fuck […]


DJ (acronym) Type: adverb & noun Pronunciation: /d-jay/ Also spelled: Deejay, DJay Plural: DJ’s What does DJ mean and stand for? Disc Jockey. Example sentence: “The DJ at the party is currently taking requests.” DJ in songs: “Tell the DJ play your song, this shit come on” – 2 Chainz, Birthday Song. “They lose it […]


Extra (slang) Type: adverb, adjective, slang Pronunciation: /x-trah/ Related: Extras What does Extra mean? Excessive, over the top or doing too much. Extra Synonyms: Odee, Hella, Mad Example sentence: “Yo why are you screaming and being extra?” Extra in songs: “Or maybe die from pressin’ the line, actin’ too extra” – Kendrick Lamar, FEAR. “So, […]


Lowkey (slang) Type: adverb Pronunciation: /low-key/ Also spelled: Low-key, Low key Opposite: Highkey What does Lowkey mean? Quietly or secretly. Synonyms: Subtle Example sentence: “I’m Lowkey not trying to chill with my girl today.” Lowkey in songs: “Maybe I’m lowkey feelin’ you, don’t be cynical”- Bryson Tiller, Exchange. “Its lowkey at the night show”- Travis […]


MC (acronym) Type: noun, prefix, acronym Pronunciation: /m-c/ Also known as: Emcee Plural: MC’s What does MC mean and stand for? Master of Ceremonies or Mic Controller. Synonyms: Rapper, Hip-Hopper Similar: DJ, Lil Origin: MC originated in New York during the ’70s to distinguish the person in control of the microphone rapping over beats provided […]


Odee (slang) Type: adverb, adjective Pronunciation: /o-d/ Also spelled: Ohdee, OD, OhD What does Odee mean? Very, really, a lot. Odee Synonyms: Extra, Max, Mad, Hella Example sentence: “I haven’t ate since yesterday, i’m odee hungry.” Odee in songs: “When I put on the ice, it be odee” – Jay Critch, Ruthless. “And my diamonds […]

On Sight

On Sight (slang) Pronunciation: /on-sigh-t/ Also spelled: On Site What does On Sight mean? As soon as a person or something is seen. On Sight Synonyms: In Person, Immediately Example sentence: “When i see him it’s on sight, i’m fighting” On Sight in songs: “Niggas think it’s sweet, it’s on sight” – Drake, SICKO MODE. […]


Prolly (slang) Type: adverb Pronunciation: /pruh-lee/ What does Prolly mean? Probably. Prolly is slang for probably. Prolly Synonyms: Def Example sentence: “I should prolly cop 2 new pairs of G Fazos.” Prolly in songs: “I’m prolly with my jeweler playin’ freeze tag” – Nicki Minaj, Good Form. “I’ll prolly die anonymous, I’ll prolly die with promises” […]