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Collabs (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ko-labs/

Singular: Collab

Related: Collabing, Collabin’

What does Collabs mean?

Collaborations; work made in partnership with someone else or a team.

Collabs Synonyms: Bout it

Example sentence: “Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J have a lot of collabs.”

Collabs in songs:

“The fattest blunt, and death to that pop-hop, I ain’t ask for much And stop askin’ for the collabs ’cause all you bastards suck” – Domo Genesis, Elimination Chamber.

“Get it, fuck it, now I’m ’bout to kill it Niggas wanna do collabs, naw nigga I ain’t with it Cause you trash and that bullshit you spitting I ain’t feeling Grown men hating on me, bitch niggas in they feelings” – Young M.A, Body Bag.

“I holla’d for collabs they said ‘no can do’ Cool, they get dropped, then holla at who?” – Bashy, Fire In The Booth.

I’m a fed target, on the red carpet In a whip so new valet scared to park it Not a average artist, an elaborate artist My collabs turn locals to established artists” – Gucci Mane, Nonchalant.

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