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Stat (slang)

Type: adverbs, noun, noun

Pronunciation: /staht/

What does Stat mean?

1. Immediately or right away.

Stat Synonyms: ASAP

2. Status.

3. Statistics.

Origin: Stat is abbreviated from the latin word statim, which means immediately.

Example sentence: “Damn i need a back massage stat!”

Stat in songs:

“I played with fire, I can’t retire, I need the bread, stat” – JPEGMAFIA, Free The Frail.

“You a fraud but I’ma remain icon stat” – Nicki Minaj, Bed of Lies.

“No way in hell I’m defined by the stat” – Logic, Icy.

“The cash flow with the track though, Son had to step it up just to raise the stat quo” – Capital STEEZ, Cab Fare.

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