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MC (acronym)

Type: noun, prefix, acronym

Pronunciation: /m-c/

Also known as: Emcee

Plural: MCs

What does MC mean and stand for?

1. Master of Ceremonies.

2. Mic Controller.

MC Synonyms: Rapper, Hip-Hopper

Similar to MC: DJ, Lil

Origin: MC originated in New York during the ’70s to distinguish the person in control of the microphone rapping over beats provided by the DJ. An MC is an alternative title for someone who raps.

Some rappers with MC in their name: Run-D.M.C, MC Ren, MC Hammer, MC Lyte, Young MC, MC Shan, MC Eiht, MC breed and many more.

Example sentence: “My favorite MC stay in brooklyn.”

MC in songs:

“But whatever ya do in your lifetime, Ya never let a MC steal your rhyme” – Big Bank Hank, Rapper’s Delight

“That’s why these bitches fuck with me, Cause I eat that pussy like a female MC” – Danny Brown, Blunt After Blunt

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