On deck

On deck (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /on-deck/

Also spelled or known as: On-deck, Ondeck

What does On deck mean?

1. To have something ready or available.

2. To be the next.

On deck Synonyms: Next up

Example sentence: “I got ideas on deck.”

On deck in songs:

“Me to rap is like water to raves AKs with bayonets on deck, rep my set” – Danny Brown, XXX.

Don’t give a shit what people talkin’ ’bout, fam Haters shake my hand but I keep the sanitizer on deck Hope I really get to see 30″ – Kid Cudi, Soundtrack 2 My Life.

“When he come up in the club, he be blazinup Got stacks on deck like he savin’ up” – Nicki Minaj, Super Bass.

“My diamonds goin’ retarded, your girl on deck, it’s a party” – Teo, Rolex.

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On deck
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On deck