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Cum (slang)

Type: verb, noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kaw-umm/

Related: Came, Cumming, Cummed

What does Cum mean?

1. To ejaculate (verb).

Cum Synonyms: Skeet, Jizz, Nut

2. Semen (noun).

Cum Synonyms: Jizz, Sperm, Seed, Nut

Example sentence: “She made me cum so fast, wow.”

Cum in songs:

“Let me cum inside ya, let me plant that seed inside ya” – Travis Scott, Love Galore.

“She say money make her cum, Gucci make her damp” – Gucci Mane, Champions.

” her body got that ass that a ruler couldn’t measure, And it make me cum fast, but I never get embarrassed” – Kendrick Lamar, Backseat Freestyle.

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