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Gaffled (slang)

Type: noun, adverb, slang

Pronunciation: /gaf-ulld/

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What does Gaffled mean?

1. To have gotten what you were looking for skillfully or by tricking or stealing from the other side.

2. To have been tricked or taken advantage of.

Gaffled Synonyms: Finessed, Jugged, Stoled, Robbed

Example sentence: “He was gaffled by the kids on the street.”

Gaffled in songs:

“The ol’ bitch down the street must’ve turned me in Cos the feds was out there ten deep I got hassled and gaffled in the back seat I think back when I was robbin’ my own kind” – Ice Cube, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.

“Got stopped in traffic, had a warrant, so they gaffled me But while I’m gone, watch my business and my back for me” – 2Pac, Never Call U B**** Again.

“By a neighbor with the family shackles Laboring a man he’s gaffled I get angry, I sip bombs on your rich lawn” – Tech N9ne, Sriracha.

“Took a stand, never ran and got gaffled in ’em Bailed out with block money, kept trappin'” – NIpsey Hussle, Run A Lap.

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