Da Souf


Da Souf (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dah-sowwf/

Also spelled or known as: The South

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What does Da Souf mean?

The South. Souf is slang for the south.

Example sentence: “Man i love da south.”

Da Souf in songs:

Tha hardest group to come out of da Souf” – Boyz N Da Hood, Album Intro.

“I’m from da Souf, I take the dick, Then wake up in the morning cooking him grits” – Latto, ChaseDaMoney Freestyle.

We from da souf we heavy slang found our own way to talk” – Mac Fortune, Moonlight Sonata.

Mouf of da Souf nigga” – PC Tweezie, Mouf of da Souf Intro.

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Da Souf
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