Dirty south

Dirty south (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dirt-e-south/

Also spelled or known as: Dirtysouth

What does Dirty south mean?

The deep south region of the United States; the states of Texas, Alabama, Mississipi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

Dirty south Synonyms: Souf, Da Souf

Example sentence: “Andre 3000 is from the dirty south.”

Dirty south in songs:

Gold mouth, yes, I’m from the Dirty South” – 21 Savage, 12.38.

Dirty South hot ’cause Atlanta, show niggas with ana'” – Young Dro, Shoulder Lean.

“Twenty years getting money in the Dirty South” – Nas, You Wouldn’t Understand.

“This is for the West and the East and the Dirty South” – Snoop Dogg, Boss’ Life.

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Dirty south
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Dirty south

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