Bama (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /bam-ah/

Also spelled or known as: ‘Bama

What does Bama mean?

1. An unsophisticated country person. 

Bama Synonyms: Hick, Redneck

2. Short for Alabama. Alabama.

Example sentence: “I was dressing like a bama on Halloween.”

Bama in songs:

“I could’ve been stuck out in ‘Bama, had I not flew the coop” – Yelawolf, Heartbreak.

“Young Bama just got out the county” – King Louie, Shout Out.

“The beaches in M.I.A.; But ain’t nothin’ like that GA, red clay Look on ya map, we right above Florida, Next to ‘Bama” – Smoke, Georgia.

“And I don’t live like no bama See I execute my emotion through perpetual grammar” – Logic, Back and Forth.

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