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Calio (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kal-leo/

Also spelled or known as: the Calio

What does Calio mean?

the Calliope housing projects in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Calio Synonyms: CP3

Example sentence: “My girlfriend is from Calio.”

Calio in songs:

“Gert-Town, Downtown, and Holly Grove can’t fuck with the Melph and the Calio” – Juvenile, 3rd Ward Solja.

“I represent, real ass niggas fa sho, From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio Up in the Clara, V.L., the shit in between” – B.G. Uptown Thang (Wait’n on Your Picture).

Nina drop me off in the Calio with Bub Say Kiera waiting on him with the candles by the tub” – Kevin Gates, Shit (Freestyle).

“If you got it on your mind fella, we can go I’m from the 3, Mac, Melph, and the Calio” – DJ Jimi, Bounce (For the Juvenile).

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