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Laudy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /lawd-e/

What does Laudy mean?

Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Example sentence: “I took a little vacation to Laudy.”

Laudy in songs:

“That’s my baby she from Laudy I’m gone pick up I’m gone pull up when she call me” – Kodak Black, Laudy.

I’m in the panhandle, post the Boomerang like I’m in Laudy Your bitch sucking meat like she was tryna rip it off my body” – BLP KOSHER, The Nac.

“Okay now my nigga Franck hit me up Said Hoosh we outty Came in from Laudy I need you to roll that loudy” – Hoosh, OTM.

“He told me copy, Kakashi And flip them O’s out in Laudy And I don’t talk to these niggas Think I just talk to the Nani” – LIGHTSKNPAPI, Classics/ Going in for life Freestyle.

“I know you want it But I know that I don’t Where it all started A trip out to Laudy” – Only Bobby Lee, FLORIDA WATER.

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