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MAC (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mak/

Related: MAC-10, MAC-11

What does MAC mean?

A compact submachine gun.

MAC Synonyms: MAC-10, MAC-11, Stick, Broom

Example sentence: “We used to ride around with a MAC in the whip.”

MAC in songs:

“I’ma pull up in the big body with the fuckinMAC” – A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Swervin.

“You don’t really wanna get into a pissin’ match, With this rappity brat, packin’ a MAC in the back of the Ac'” – Eminem, Rap God.

“Back to these bullets, it’s back to the job, Pull my MAC out and all of you runnin'” – Joyner Lucas, Lucky You.

“Little Mu’, pass the MAC and let me hit him in his back” – Hussein Fatal, HitEm Up.

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