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Slang (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /sla-ng/

Related: Slangin

What does Slang mean?

1. To sell.

Slang Synonyms: Sell, Deal, Trap

2. Words and language understood by a group of people.

Slang Synonyms: Lingo

Example sentence: “I don’t slang gas no mo.”

Slang in songs:

“Them ’80s babies used to slang that crack” – T.I., About the Money.

“I let him hit it ’cause he slang cocaine” – Nicki Minaj, Anaconda.

“Just a couple neighbors that assume we slang” – J. Cole, Neighbors.

“You wanna copy our slang and everything that we know” – Joyner Lucas, I’m Not Racist.

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