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Big spender

Big spender (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /big-spend-r/

Plural: Big spenders

What does Big spender mean?

Someone who spends a lot of money.

Big spender Synonyms: Baller, High roller, Flexer, Stunna, Flosser

Example sentence: “That boy Ope Odumakin is a big spender.”

Big spender in songs:

“Every time she come, big spender, Every time I put my chains on, big spender” – Future, Life Is Good (Remix).

Time is money, I’m a big spender” – D Double E, Ladies Hit Squad.

“Big, big spender, take a jet to Morocco” – Lil Baby, 24 (Remix).

“My life can’t get no bigger, I became a big spender” – TK Kravitz, What If.

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Big spender
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Big spender

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