High roller

High roller (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /hii-roll-r/

Also spelled: Highroller, High-roller

Plural: High rollers

What does High roller mean?

Someone who always spends a lot of money.

High roller Synonyms: Big spender, Baller, Flexer, Stunna, Flosser

Example sentence: “My uncle is a high roller, he never stops spending money.”

High roller in songs:

“She mistook me for some high roller, But I won’t buy her soda” – Eminem, That’s All She Wrote.

Stack on black, I ain’t never been a high roller” – J. Cole, Mr. Nice Watch.

“Repertoire, hustle such a tenacity, High roller, bet us another masterpiece” – Rick Ross, Money Dance.

“I want power but it can’t be solar, I’ve always wanted to be a high roller” – Jammer, I Spy.

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High roller
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High roller

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