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Big timer


Big timer (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /big-time-r/

Also spelled or known as: Big tymer

Plural: Big timers

What does Big timer mean?

A rich and important person; someone who is big time.

Big timer Synonyms: Baller, Big spender, High roller, Flexer, Stunna, Flosser

Example sentence: “When you spend $100k every week, you’re a big timer.”

Big timer in songs:

“Went from Benihana to Bimini in Bahamas, Ten chains, no luggage, I’m a big timer” – Rick Ross, Ten Jesus Pieces.

Big timer for the majors it’s proof” – Zombie Juice, RedEye to Paris.

Big timer like Manny and Baby, Don’t play with that man cause he crazy” – Vince Staples, Big Time.

Big timer, timer, timer got a timepiece full of diamonds” – Gucci Mane, Paper.

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Big timer
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Big timer

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