Flosser (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /flos-r/

Related: Floss, Flossin’, Flossed

What does Flosser mean?

Someone who likes to show off expensive things.

Flosser Synonyms: Stunna, Flexer

Example sentence: “All that drip, i consider you a flosser.”

Flosser in songs:

“Foreign car crasher, just a flosser” – Gunplay, Aiight

“See I’m a flosser, balling like you see it” – Lil Flip, I’m a Baller.

“I’m a flosser, big flosser” – Kamaiyah, Project Baby.

“Certified flosser, Lil mama bossed up” – Jimi Tents, Holy Water.

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