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Bimbo (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /bim-boh/

Plural: Bimbos

What does Bimbo mean?

A girl who has had plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

Bimbo Synonyms: Airhead, Bozo, Dummy

Example sentence: “She was buggin and being a bimbo.”

Bimbo in songs:

“Big boss, I stepped out with a bimbo” – Giggs, Peligro.

“That bimbo can put her lips all the way around this bone and then blow” – Eminem, Unaccommodating

“Met this one bimbo, told her my name was Meech” – Meechy Darko, Thug Waffle.

“Fell for the bimbo who was dancin’ at the strip show” – Mac Miller, San Francisco.

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