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Birds (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /berds/

Also known as: Birdies

Singular: Bird

What does Birds mean?

1. Women who are materialistic, promiscuous, and/or dumb.

Birds Synonyms: Airheads, Dummies

2.  Kilograms of cocaine.

Birds Synonyms: Kilos

Example sentence: “We had a lot of birds in the whip.”

Birds in songs:

“I let them birds take a bath, bae” – Offset, Bad and Boujee.

“I got the love birds chirpin’ at the window But I don’t need love no more” – A$AP Rocky, Everyday.

“Uncle fronted me some P’s, had to get them birds back” – Roddy Ricch, Ballin’.

“A verse from me is like eleven birds Just did the math, that’s like two thousand dollars every word” – J. Cole, The London.

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