Big body

Big body (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /big-bod-e/

What does Big body mean?

A full size or large vehicle.

Big body Synonyms: SUV

Example sentence: “There’s 6 of us, i’ll order us a big body uber.”

Big body in songs:

“Slidin’ by in that big body, Curtains all in my window” – Jay-Z, Holy Grail.

“I roll big body, wide body, Calabasas road winder, Sun shinin’, waxed tires” – Drake, 4PM in Calabasas.

“In front of black Lexus, Chevy’s on the roam, ’96 big body, sittin’ on chrome” – Big Syke, Picture Me Rollin’.

“Only Uber big body, ‘Til I cop datRari, Push to start, no car key” – Killy, Killamonjaro.

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Big body
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Big body

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