Novocaine (noun)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /no-voh-caine/

Also spelled or known as: Procaine

What does Novocaine mean?

A local anesthetic drug used in dentistry to numb the mouth and ease pain.

Novocaine Synonyms: Procaine

Example sentence: “They put some novocaine on my gums to numb them.”

Novocaine in songs:

“Numb it down for the pain, this music my Novocaine” – Logic, Lord Willin’.

“Numb the pain like I was Novocaine” – XXXTENTACION, ​numb the pain.

“Wounded memories, oh, I’m in need of Novocaine” – Polo G, When You Down.

“This .40 can’t help you, you need Novocaine” – YNW Melly, Free Jamell.

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