Coke (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /c-oak/

What does Coke mean?


Coke Synonyms: Cola, Snow, White, Yay, Yayo, White Girl, Cocaina, Snow white, Coca

Example sentence: “There was a lot of snow in the bathroom at the all white day party.”

Coke in songs:

“Sicilian bitch with long hair, with coke in her derriere” – Lil Wayne, A Milli.

“So hold your stash ’til the coke price drop” – Nas, N.Y. State of Mind

“I heard he bought some coke with my money” – Kanye West, Blame Game.

“With this coke that I imported, just important as your President” – A$AP Rocky, Peso.

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