Forilla (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /for-re-lah/

Also spelled or known as: Furilla, F’rilla, Fo’rilla, Forella

What does Forilla mean?

For real.

Forilla Synonyms: Fr, Frfr

Example sentence: “I’ve never lose forilla.”

Forilla in songs:

“Lovers, stealers, thugs, killas Gameface on, animals, forilla” – Master P, Take it Outside.

“N-I-Double G-A number 9 is a killa Bruno with the C-T-O and thats on the forilla” – Homicide, Tha Backyard.

“True type killa, on the forilla, straight up out the Frayser Click Nine times out of ten, I’mma have the pistol grip” – Lil Yo, I.N.T.R.O..

“In Kansas City, but I’m chiefing on that coughing killer Split these boppers then I trashem like tobacco filla 5 grams, 4 swishers, I call that a forilla Rest in peace to my boy Big Moe; put an 8th; tell me who realer” – Paul Wall, Texas Kool-Aid.

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