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Bad bwoy

Bad bwoy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bad-boi/

Plural: Bad bwoys

Related: Bwoy

What does Bad bwoy mean?

A thug or gangster in Jamaican patios.

Bad bwoy Synonyms: G, Goon, Thug, Hoodlum, Hoodrat, OG

Example sentence: “Baby shut up and come chill with a bad bwoy.”

Bad bwoy in songs:

I’ma make you One Dance to this A-ha-ha-ha, ha Bad breed, bad bwoy” – Drake, 4PM in Calabasas.

“Jamaican cartel pull up, bad bwoy say “Wha gwaan?” I just hitem like whaaah” – Kevin Gates, La Familia.

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Bad bwoy
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Bad bwoy

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