Duppy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dup-e/

What does Duppy mean?

A ghost.

Duppy Synonyms: Casper

Duppy Origins: From the caribbeans, duppy is a word meaning “ghost” in Jamaican patois.

Example sentence: “He was talking all that shit, now he’s a duppy.”

Duppy in songs:

“I made it flip off this uppy, I turn that boy to a duppy” – Pop Smoke, Meet the Woo.

“Man are gonna catch me a duppy” – Aj Tracey, Wifey Riddim.

“Disrespect and make all of dem bwoy turn duppy” – Busta Rhymes, Girlfriend.

“Grime scene ambassador, duppy maker” – Skepta, Spaceship.

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