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Club rat

Club rat (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /klub-rat/

Plural: Club rats

Related: Club, Clubber, Clubbing, Clubbin’

What does Club rat mean?

Someone who likes to go to clubs and parties all the time.

Club rat Synonyms: Clubber

Example sentence: “My best friend from college is a club rat.”

Club rat in songs:

“She got you on the auto-pilot ’cause she’s down to mile high it, she’s a club rat, everybody hittin’ that” – Ethos The Rapper, Zxmbie Gxrl.

“Rugrat turned club rat Old head wanna be a young cat This the city that we live in I just wanna kick some wisdom to the kids that’s finna run that” – Wiki, The Routine.

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Club rat
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Club rat