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Clubber (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /klub-err/

Plural: Clubbers

Related: Club, Club rat, Clubbing, Clubbin’

What does Clubber mean?

Someone who likes to go to clubs and parties all the time.

Clubber Synonyms: Club rat

Example sentence:I’m more of a homebody not really a clubber.”

Clubber in songs:

“Any time I drop, I’m burnin’ rubber (Burnin’ rubber) Bitch, I don’t wanna dance, I’m not a clubber” – NAV, No Debate.

Sister or brother, and you lookin’ like a mother I took you from a clubber to a lover” – Lil Wayne, Receipt.

“Fear none of em you cicadas, bitch I’m still buzzin And my wrist rocky cause I beat up a little clubber, too Making moves with that made crew, shoot” – Wale, Arrival.

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