Yout (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /yoot/

Also spelled or known as: Yute

What does Yout mean?

1. Short Jamaican slang for Yout; A young thug.

2. Youth.

Yout Synonyms: Yute, Youngin

Example sentence: “Me and my yout going to da beach mane.”

Yout in songs:

Roll up slow, then I park that coupe and the game got fucked by the darkskin yout” – Stormzy, WickedSkengMan Part 4.

“You’re about as fake as the next yout, and he’s as fake as the next one” – Giggs, Peligro.

Don’t raise their yout but they will raise the suttin'” – MoStack, No Words.

“I knew this goon, way before you, Now I hear this youtwan’ get me” – SL, Gentleman.

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