Batty boy


Batty boy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bat-e-boy/

Also spelled or known as: Batty-boy, Battyboy

Related: Batty man

What does Batty boy mean?

A gay or homosexual man.

Batty boy Synonyms: Fag, Batty man, Homo

Example sentence: “He was dancing like a real batty boy.”

Batty boy in songs:

“Mi no love for dem batty boy antics, Gon’ make me pull choppers out the attic” – Tyga, 1 of 1.

“You run away from your problems, Batty boy, then you gon face this” – Meechy Darko, Blacktivist.

“Embrace my empire, Batty Boy, eat fire” – Rick Ross, Valley of Death.

“I put this big ol’ .38 on a batty boy” – Kodak Black, Z Look Jamaican.

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