Blow a bag

Blow a bag (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /blow-ah-bag/

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What does Blow a bag mean?

To spend a lot of money at once.

Blow a bag Synonyms: Fuck up some commas

Example sentence: “We went to the Wear Holiday store to blow a bag.”

Blow a bag in songs:

Blow a bag on all my outfits, drip after drip She say she like my jeans, they got rip after rip” – NAV, Reckless Intro.

Cook crack, roll dice, and be killing shit, yup, Ain’t scared to blow a bag on some fly shit” – J.T., Where the Bag At.

Fuck them niggas, they bend down, Blow a bag when I’m in town” – Gunna, Top Off.

“I blow a bag today, I don’t do nothin’ fugazi I blow a bag today, I walk in the mall and go crazy” – Future, Blow a Bag.

“Red Light, Amsterdam, if he tries to disrespect But fuck them, man, let’s blow a bag on Chanel and get all them niggas vexed” – Dave, Purple Heart.

“I just want cash so I chase it Blow a bag then replace it” – 6 Dogs, Flossing.

Blow a bag, get it back, look like we flipped the kitchen” – Stroke Tha Don, Like Me.

“Ran up them 100s & 50s tryna blow a bag a day” – Sleepy Hallow, I Get Luv.

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Blow a bag
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Blow a bag