Swerve (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /swurv/

What does Swerve mean?

1. To move or get out of the way.

Swerve Synonyms: Skrrt

2. To drive fast dodging traffic.

Example sentence: “If she ain’t coming with cash, i gotta swerve her.”

Swerve in songs:

“I’ll swerve on a nigga if he acting up” – Nicki Minaj, The Boys.

Hoes gonskeet and the V gone swerve” – A$AP Rocky, Angels.

I’m in this ‘Rari, I swerve” – Trippie Redd, 1400 / 999 Freestyle.

“I want that Ferrari, then I swerve” – Drake, Know Yourself.

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