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BMT (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym, slang, UK

Pronunciation: /b-m-t/

Also spelled or known as: B.M.T., B-M-T

What does BMT mean?

Big Man Ting.

Example sentence: “We going to Birms next week for a BMT.”

BMT in songs:

“On my Hotline Bling, I’m kind of wavey BMT, you don’t know me” – R.S., Fire in the Booth.

“I may not be Kano, but I’ve got maids in the manor, On a BMT, got Britain on lock like GMB” – Unknown P, Piers Morgan.

Yo, BMT, I’m on a big man ting I ain’t going into clubs without my big hand ting” – Fredo, BMT.

“Now I’m on the rise BMT, most the city love me just for being me” – Nines, Getting Money Now.

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