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Wan’ (slang)

Type: contraction, slang

Pronunciation: /wahn/

Related: Wanna

What does Wan’ mean?

Wanna; Want to.

Similar to Wan’: Wanna, Tryna, Gonna, Gon’, Finna, Boutta

Example sentence: “I wan’ get a new car today.”

Wan’ in songs:

“Valet just called me to tell me come get it Knocked that boy off and I don’t want no credit If it was me, they wouldn’t regret it Left me for dead and now they wan’ dead it, yeah” – Drake, Laugh Now Cry Later.

“She wanna keep me company and never wan’ depart me, depart me” – Offset, Taste.

“Chasin’ women a distraction They wan’ be on TV right next to me You cannot be here right next to me Don’t you see RiRi right next to me?” – Drake, Hype.

Yeah, take time If a man wan’ try me, no time Usain Bolt when I run up on stage I pick up the mic and it’s reload time Don’t know your songs, but they know mine That’s why I got gigs just like Joe Grind After the show, I be rolling mine Don’t care ’bout the ‘no smoking’ sign” – Skepta, Shutdown.

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