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Roll up

Roll up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /roll-up/

Also known or spelled as: Roll-up

Related: Rolling up, Rolled up

What does Roll up mean?

1. To roll a joint or blunt.

2. To arrive somewhere.

Roll up Synonyms: Blaze up, Blaze, Light up

Example sentence:Wanna roll up before we head out to dinner?”

Roll up in songs:

Roll up with your gang, you’re gon’ need a arsenal” – Eminem, No Alike.

“My name gon’ hold up, my team gon’ hold up, My shots gonfire, my team gonroll up” – Jay Rock, King’s Dead

“And I’m sobout itbout it, I might roll up in a tank” – A$AP Rocky, Goldie.

Roll up some sour, let me kiss on her fountain” – Wale, Diced Pineapples.

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Roll up
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Roll up