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Brummie (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bruhm-ee/

Related: Brum

What does Brummie mean?

Someone who is from Birmingham, England.

Example sentence: “My lil cousin is a brummie.”

Brummie in songs:

Don’t act funny From BC yea I’m a real Brummie” – Darka MC, Nokia Ringtone.

“She’s got the Brum man syndrome She wants a Brummie” – Pressure, She Wants A Man From Brum.

“Give a man a bloody nose, thinking that he’s funny though
Can’t come and fuck with my hooligan Brummie blokes” – Swoop Ghazi, Brum 3Style.

“It’s funny, she finds my Brummie accent amusing” – Flames, Mad About Bars.

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