Strong Island

Strong Island (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /stawng-i-land/

Also spelled or known as: Strong-Island

What does Strong Island mean?

Long Island, New York.

Example sentence: “I gotta fly into NYC and take an uber to Strong Island in the morning.”

Strong Island in songs:

Strong Island, where I got ’em whylin’ That’s the reason they’re claiming that I’m violent” – Chuck D, Rebel Without a Pause.

Supreme, Rap and the 50 that don’t rap Fort Greene, Queens, Strong Island wolfpack Paid In Full posse, hot they was on” – Nas, U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim).

I’m direct from Strong Island, New York Where I be smilin’, profilin’, wildin'” – Capital LS, Thug Nigga/Coast 2 Coast (Trump Tight).

“Location’s Strong Island, where skins is on strike like Penn Station” – Zev Love X, Black Bastards!.

“Styling and wilding, constantly smiling We’ll keep trooping in a place called Strong Island” – JVC Force, Strong Island.

I’m from the Island, the island I’m from is the Strong Island MC’s must be wacked when I syke from lack of freestylin'” – Pras, Boof Baf.

So PMD, ahh, when you ready then you’re wilin Pick up the steel and hold it down for Strong Island” – Books, Bad News.

“Brownsville never ran never will—let’s ride The strong island or the isle’s of Shaolin Or the boogie down Bronx NY” – Rakim, Getting Up Anthem: Part I.

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Strong Island
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Strong Island

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