Willy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /will-e/

Plural: Willies

What does Willy mean?

A penis.

Willy Synonyms: D, Dick, Dong, Jock, Jammy, Tip, Pipe, Cock, Chode, Wiener, Jimbrowski, Wood

Example sentence: “I told her if she keeps acting up she’s not getting any willy tonight.”

Willy in songs:

“Man, I’ve got the pussy on lock doh Grabbing up my willy made my cock grow” – Giggs, Lock Doh.

I’m the fucking human green screen with the stiff peeny peen Never wrapped my willy but I let her” – Getter, Hood Rich.

“Like Promethazine and she took the semen my willy beaming On any given Sunday that pussy a runway” – Schoolboy Q, Druggys wit Hoes.

“Cristal pops I’m sippin’ it, mob hats and lizard shit ‘Gator trunks bitch, rollin’ blunts with the williest of the willy” – The Notorious B.I.G., Hustler’s Story.

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