NY (acronym)

Type: noun, acronyms

Pronunciation: /n-y/

Also spelled: N.Y.

Related: NYC

What does NY mean and stand for?

New York. NY is short for New York.

NY Synonyms: N.Y., NYC, The Big Apple, Jungle

Example sentence: “I miss NY, i can’t wait to go back.”

NY in songs:

“The good life, it feel like Atlanta It feel like LA, it feel like Miami It feel like NY, summertime Chi” – Kanye West, Good Life.

“Jewelry cloth, my gold caps NY throwback like the old Fab” – A$AP Rocky, Purity.

“Painkillers, ain’t got back pain, know you gotta love it, Tens out in NY, they in my hallways, I got a lobby ofem” – Travis Scott, 3500.

“Now we the best in the city, I rep for the city That’s about the time that you left for the city You and all your girls moved to NY” – Big Sean, Ashley.

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