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N.Y.C. (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /N-Y-C/

Also spelled or known as: NYC, N-Y-C

Related: N.Y.

What does N.Y.C. mean and stand for?

New York City.

N.Y.C. Synonyms: The Big Apple, NYC, N.Y., The Big Apple, Gotham, Jungle, the Jungle, Alphabet City, Concrete Jungle

N.Y.C. in songs:

So I skipped the hoodrats and went straight to the Cassies N.Y.C., top down, Big blastin'” – The Game, The Code.

“I don’t know what life will be in H.I.P. H.O.P Without the boy H.O.V Not only N.Y.C. I’m hip hop’s savior” – Jay-Z, Kingdom Come.

“Moved to N.Y.C., chasing the dream I used college, if y’all niggas don’t know, I used college as a tool to get to New York” – J. Cole, Last Call.

“Donuts in the whip, N.Y.C. then LAX Fifty on my wrist, flexin’ on the internet” – Ronny J, Costa Rica.

“My shit’s on Mobb Deep, like I’m from N.Y.C. A thousand for some glasses, I see my city in 3D” – Future, Mark McGwire.

“No more iron horses ’cause I’m buyin’ Porsches Comin’ straight out the N.Y.C. Peace to the Kid Capri, I’m MVP” – Big L, M.V.P..

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