Posse (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pohs-e/

What does Posse mean?

A group of friends and homies who go everywhere together.

Posse Synonyms: Set, Squad, Clique, Crew, Gang, Homies, Woes, Entourage

Example sentence: “Me and my posse got in thru the back door..”

Posse in songs:

“My crew the shorty busters, the 41st side of Vernon posse” – Nas, Represent.

“Got about 25 goons in my posse” – Stormzy, Shut Up.

“Say he fuckin’ with my posse, copped me Khloé like Kardashi'” – Nicki Minaj, FEFE.

“Bitch wanna flick, pose for my posse” – Tyga, Molly.

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