Fraud (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /frawed/

Related: Fraudulent

What does Fraud mean?

Fraudulent; dishonest and illegal activities for financial or independent gain.

Fraud Synonyms: Scam, Sham

Example sentence: “The bank released the money to me two months after i claimed fraud.”

Fraud in songs:

“Runnin’ through checks every day, no fraud shit” – Lil Baby, Chanel (Go Get It).

“I’m doing fraud, got that bag, yeah, I’m transportin'” – Kodak Black, Transportin’.

“I’m a boss, you a fraud, you cross the line, I get you murdered for a cost” – Meek Mill, Ima Boss.

“Live in the bank, don’t do fraud, yeah, 200 racks on my arm, yeah” – Lil Baby, ​can’t leave without it.

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