Doppelganger (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dop-el-gang-er/

Also known or spelled as: Doppelgänger

What does Doppelganger mean?

Someone’s exact look-alike who’s not biologically related.

Origin: The term doppelganger (originally and also spelled Doppelgänger) is from the German language, meaning “Ghostly Double”.

Example sentence: “He had his doppelganger do all the stunts in the movie.”

Doppelganger in songs:

“They slandered my character through the public propaganda, They tell the people I’m Dr. doppelganger” – Canibus, Lyrical Noir.

I look back and think twice at the hand that I shook
My doppelganger made a banger last evening” – Captain Murphy,

“I got the tools, do shit like a doppelganger” – Xanman, Hold My Water.

“I been writin’ since my doppelganger dropped Peso” – Jody Fontaine, COLUMBIA.

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