Opp pack


Opp pack (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /awp-pack/

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What does Opp pack mean?

Marijuana smoked in mockery or disrespect of the dead or opposition.

Example sentence: “He said he smoking on an opp pack.”

Opp pack in songs (Lyric Examples):

Smoke a opp pack ain’t funny like that It get ugly like that, can’t get no money like that” – Kanye West, Jonah.

“I just bought some opp pack, got a ‘Wood, and burned it” – Teejayx6, Dark Web.

Glizzy on me, .38, it won’t jam Opp pack, I can make you a strand” – Lil Tjay, One Take.

“Glock drum, move the crowd, opp pack smoking too loud” – Lil Durk, Money Walk.

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Opp pack
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Opp pack
Opp pack

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