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OKC (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym, slang

Pronunciation: /o-k-c/

What does OKC mean?

Oklahoma City.

Similar to OKC: NYC

Example sentence: “We went to an OKC basketball game.”

OKC in songs:

“I seen the James Harden in you, yeah, OKC Thunder I know your last nigga beat you like he was yo’ drummer” – The Game, Demons & Angels.

“Run up them numbers OKC, you don’t want no thunder The old Tracy McGrady, the one OKC, you don’t want no thunder, yeah” – A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Numbers.

OVO that’s major shit, Toronto with me that’s mayor shit Gettin cheddar packs like K.D., OKC that’s player shit” – Drake, Pop That.

“Take his ass straight to OKC Chris Paul, I’ve been runnin’ with the thing lately, uh” – Cochise, Red Head.

“Make it thunder nigga, OKC On McScary with my killers nigga, free KD” – Jimmy Wopo, Elm Street.

“Headed to the game for okay seats Now I’m courtside at OKC, I know KD” – Big Sean, Outro (Dark Sky Paradise).

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