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FLA (slang)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /F-L-A/

Also spelled or known as: F.L.A., F-L-A

What does FLA mean?


Example sentence: “I miss spending time in FLA.”

FLA in songs:

FLA, I’m a Stunna coming straight out the south” – Pouya, Stop.

“Got goonies in the cut, undead like thriller South FLA, got a squad full of hitters” – Fat Nick, Drop Em’ Off.

“No play, all day in FLA, okay, bitch You can try that shit, I’ll put yoface on a t-shirt today, damn” – KirbLaGoop, Magnolia.

“I rep FLA but no, handshakes don’t mean shit to me nigga And ain’t nobody like me shit, I’m Meg Griffin nigga” – Robb Bank$, On Me (Batonrouge).

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