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Off the bat

Off the bat (phrase)

Type: phrase, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /off-the-bat/

Also spelled or known as: Off da rip

Related: Off rip, Off top, Off the rip, Off the jump, Off the top

What does Off the bat mean?

From the start, right away, or immediately.

Off the bat Synonyms: Off the rip, Off rip, From the get go

Example sentence:I’m going in off the rip.”

Off the bat in songs:

“Ayy, right off the bat Shorty, she know that I’m black but I’ll Doja that cat” – Tory Lanez, SKAT.

“I need head off the bat like I’m Derek Jeter Roll a gram of that wax ’cause it’s therapeutic” – Kodak Black, Z Look Jamaican.

“If he black right off the bat, it’s like he guilty If I commit suicide, at least a real nigga had killed me” – NoCap, Point Guard.

“Nicer than me – say what? Wait up, straight up I finish niggas right off the bat like a layup” – Joell Ortiz, Y’all Ready Know.

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Off the bat
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Off the bat

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