Boo’d up

Boo’d up (slang)

Type: adjective, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /booed-up/

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What does Boo’d up mean?

To be in a relationship with someone.

Boo’d up Synonyms: Cuffed, Cuffed up

Example sentence: “Sorry i can’t give you my number, i’m boo’d up

Boo’d up in songs:

‘Cause you with the kid now, Ella Mai, boo’d up” – Meek Mill, Dangerous.

I’m a pothead, true enough At your ex crib and you’re boo’d up” – Swae Lee, Come Get Her.

Boo’d up, missing all of that” – Travis Scott, No Sense.

G’d up in that Gucci, boo’d up with your hoochie” – YG, Gucci On My.

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Boo'd up
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Boo'd up

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