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Off the rip

Off the rip (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /off-the-rihp/

Also spelled or known as: Off da rip

Related: Off rip, Off top, Off the bat, Off the jump, Off the top

What does Off the rip mean?

From the start, right away, or immediately.

Off the rip Synonyms: Off rip, Off the top, Off the bat, From the get go

Example sentence:I’m going in off the rip.”

Off the rip in songs:

“If she don’t fuck on the first night, off the rip I ain’t buying her none” – Lil Durk, No Auto Durk.

“It’s been me and Young Tune off the rip That’s the man that put me in this shit” – Lil Wayne, Believe Me.

Straight off the rip, you know I don’t wait for the drop (Off the rip) I go out to eat with my kids and my mama, you know I ain’t datin’ no thot” – DaBaby, OFF THE RIP.

“I been kickin’, bitch, and drippinLouis quilt Hundred Percocets, I took like four or five off the rip” – Young Thug, Ecstasy.

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Off the rip
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Off the rip